About the Author

Joshua Gortler has received recognition for his contributions to the American system of geriatric social work, earning the respect of colleagues and government officials and the families he has served. He galvanized the support of community leaders to turn Seattle’s Jewish nursing home into a place based in humanitarian and religious values, respected for high standards of its service to residents and their families, and for fair and kind treatment of its employees. Late in life, he undertook the challenge of speaking to young people about his experiences as a remnant of the generations of Jewish families who had once called Poland their home.

There’s a time to think, and there’s a time to talk. And I feel that now is the time to talk and retell these stories for the future generations to come. Because, if we don’t learn from the past, we will make the same mistakes in the future.

Joshua H Gortler

Gigi Yellen, coauthor

Gigi Yellen, currently a classical music host at Northwest Public Broadcasting, is a graduate of Wellesley and a resident of Seattle.

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